Hi, the given services can reduce the size of files CSS or JS by 20-60 %, depending on a status of an initial code.
Several phrases for what it is necessary.

Let's admit, you have just filled in on FTP the site, have connected to CMS MySQL-base, have established a template - at first sight all perfectly works.Why "at first sight"? And you look the size of your files CSS and JS. Let's count up, we take for example the size of a CSS-file of 10 kilobytes.Some think that at today's speeds of connection to the Internet of 10 kilobytes +, or 10 kilobyte - is not critical less...

However if your site not doorway and not MFA most likely on it visitors come.100 simultaneous visitors on 10 kilobyte - the mbyte has turned out, and it is already enough essential loading on a server. And if visitors 500? And 1000? And if your file has the size not 10 kilobyte and 20?Also, if your site was loaded on one and a half second faster than the site of the competitor, is huge plus for you, especially it concerns the visitors connected through dial-up or GPRS.

To optimise or not - to solve certainly to you, I only give absolutely free tools.

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